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My name is Kristijan Marenić and I am a a crazy passionate chef that always loves a good challenge in kitchen and especially fine food. That one thing that I discovered in my travels is that regardless if you  live in a tent in Sahara desert or in a palace in England cooking is the way  that people share their experience,their joy, love…

When I cook with passion and honesty, and not just because of money, then the results are allways like this: delicious, creative and imaginative  dishes that people love…
When I add at the right time that extra ingredient instead of following the recipe like you said, that wasn’t me you know, that was my inspiration…

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  • Very good computer skils (windows & linux), and office . (MS & OO)
  • Knowing HACCP standard and supervising and maintaining a clean and tidy kitchen
  • Runnning the kitchen and procurement for the needs of the restaurant business with ability to maintain service quality in line with the restaurant standards and ensuring compliance with the monitoring the current Kitchen Budget and personnel expenses for the department
  • Good pastry skills
  • Good knowledge of local ingredients and optimal purchase and order of food High level of knowledge of chef’s back office operations (inventory, discharge,-norms)


Experience in working in the kitchen with an emphasis on modern gastronomy and creative Croatian cuisine. I am a responsible, reliable, serious and ambitious person. My professional Goal is to further my education and work in more michelin star restaurants.

Specialties : Good knowledge of local ingredients and knowledge of the preparation of various desserts.


Philosophy : I always had a great desire to work in the kitchen, and I very like my job, sure every one can cook, but for me the chef is a person who during the preparation of meals is careful of personal hygiene, hygiene of space in which is working, smart and rationally utilize food, and takes care of the layout of food. Meals from day to day change, new foods,new products, as these new procedures and preparing meals. It may sound strange, but I really love my profession, I love food and I love when you can devote all your attention to food and you know, not because the bosses, money or my own presentations but simply for the love of cooking, food and desire for advancement. For more information about me please visit my blog at (blog is written only in croatian) and check out my portfolio. Sincerely, Kristijan Marenić